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"DIZZY GILLESPIE WAS AT MY WEDDING" - An Autobiography by Dick Pearce


I wish Dizzy Gillespie had been at my wedding!!  He obviously awakened the literary genius in Dick Pearce.

This book is the most magnetic read I’ve had in years.  It has pathos, humour, historical correctness and above all an inherent desire to eagerly anticipate the turn and revelations of the next page.

It would be a mistake to assume that this book would only be of interest to the modern and mainstream jazz fraternity.  The characterisations leap out at you at every turn and the hilarious accounts and comments of Dick’s experiences will captivate readers of all ages and genre.

I am now reading this for the second time and finding it just as entertaining as the first time.  If you’ve got any more revelations, Dick, tell us all before we are all too old!!

Peter N. Bramley,  a  Manchester “jazz nut” for over 60 years.

As a lifelong jazz lover and an admirer of the trumpeter Dick Pearce I picked up this book and wondered if anything new, about jazz over the years was on offer. I shouldn’t have worried.

It turned out to be a wonderful read. It is funny, moving and at all times interesting.

I would strongly recommend this book to all jazz lovers and also to anybody who did National Service as his account of his Army days is hilarious.

Frank Hilson  Ashton on Mersey

It's a real delight to read . . .

just like sitting in a room and talking to Dick. And he mentions all these people from the 70s and 80s that I'd forgotten. It's quite like reliving one's mis-spent youth!

Thanks again

Mary Greig, Jazz in London

I've read your book, and really enjoyed it. I know you a bit better now!! Jake MacMahon, from the club has also read it in a day. Could not put it down he said. He used to live in Ewell and worked with a few people that you knew like Erica and Val Mannix back in the 70's or 80's.

Good luck with the sales.


Pete Wilde

Have just finished your book, read from cover to cover - so just to say how much I enjoyed it, informative and very entertaining .. I love your dry sense of humour!  What a colourful, amazing life you have had - and am so glad you and Ciska met, I do like a happy ending!!

Anthea Cooke

Thoroughly enjoying the book. It’s funny, poignant, informative, sensitive….wonderful !

Les Cirkel

Enjoying the book, nearly finished. The Horse Guards stuff is unbelievable - especially when they all bolt on to Hyde Park Corner - what a dreadful experience that must have been. A lot of the music stuff I think many musicians can relate to. Very honest, very human. Really good stuff.

Adam MaCulloch

I am now reading it for the second time; and I bought another copy for a pal who is a trumpeter. It is a brilliant book. Congratulations.


Malcolm Mcinlay Lappin