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Jubilance and Woe - a Jazz Musician's Lot (Paperback)

An Autobiography by Dick Pearce.

With memories of ‘The Gunzer’ Ronnie Scott OBE

After 14 years of playing trumpet alongside Ronnie

– A sideman’s view of the great man of jazz.

This is a real insider’s account of life as a professional jazz musician – candid, moving and often hilarious. Dick Pearce played trumpet in Ronnie Scott’s band for 14 years.

His memories of the enigmatic Ronnie are probably the most revealing and intimate ever published.

Dave Gelly M.B.E. Jazz Critic


ISBN:978-09570882 1-4



"Dizzy Gillespie was at my Wedding"


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Scenic Routes : by Dick Pearce

A Concept Expanding Aid for Advanced Jazz Students.

This 80 page book is written as a concept expanding aid for advanced jazz students. Written for trumpet but applicable to any instrument. With ideas about superimposing other chordal movement over the top of 11 V 1 chord progressions.

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Introduction from Dick Pearce:

It seems to me that most trumpet players spend the majority of their practice schedule working on their 'physical' chops, which is fine and absolutely necessary. But to play jazz it is also necessary to develop 'mental' chops.

This means acquiring both a conventional and a personal working knowledge of chords, substitute chords etc, and depending on your taste - superimposition.

I've heard some very good (and some not so good) players say "Oh, I don't know any of that stuff, I just play by ear" which of course is fine. The trouble is, unless you're a genius you can only hear so much.

Most of us aren't in that category; we have to develop our 'mental' chops by training our ears to recognize chordal sounds, chordal movement and pitch, retaining it in our subconscious where hopefully it becomes instinct.

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